About My Friend Joyce

You know, the internet is an amazing thing.  Everything you could possibly need to research is on the internet.  Simple as a Google search.  But a few years back, I found that the internet is amazing in another way.  I was going through sort of a “creative block”.  I was still creating things here and there, and managed to keep a few things in my etsy shop, but I just didn’t feel inspired.  I think the reason was that there were some very emotional things happening in my life.  Anyway, I was making soldered pendants and a woman named Joyce bought one from me.  I don’t remember exactly how it all happened, but during the transaction, we developed a rapport and found that we had a lot in common!  Her name is Joyce.  JOY should be her name because she is a joy to know.  She is a treasure of a friend.  And though we have never met in person, I care a lot about her as I would any of my “in-person” friends.  But what’s amazing is how she encouraged me every chance she got, to begin creating again. She saw talent in me that I was certain I didn’t have.  There were days she would bombard my inbox with pictures of this or that, telling me to use them for inspiration.  And so one night, I went on a creative spree and I felt like me again.  As a matter of fact, Joyce is the one who inspired me to create altered bottles.  She went as far as to send me little packages from time to time with little elements she thought I could use in my artistic endeavors.  She bought items from my shop.  But I think most importantly, she prayed for me.  Joyce makes no secret of her deep faith and it is a trait we both share, though from time to time, I question mine, get mad at God, and have to bring myself back to reality again.  It’s amazing that through our computers she and I  found that we had so much in common.  She told me on several occasions that we are “soul mates”.  I know it sounds cliche, but I truly believe God puts people in our lives for a reason.  And I believe He put her in mine.  There may be times that we don’t write each other for weeks, but then something will cross my path that I just have to share with her, and we start talking again.  It’s the same with her.  This morning I woke up to 2 emails from her with links to things she thought would inspire me.

I just wanted to share this with anyone who might read this little blog.  And to give her credit for being a true inspiration to me, although we live miles apart and have never seen each other; only in pictures.  Just another amazing thing the internet has brought us; closeness to another soul we might never have known otherwise.  Now I think I’ll go email Joyce and see what she’s creating today.


Finding Inspiration

Yesterday I saw a picture of some really unique, really expensive candlesticks from Anthropologie.  I’ll never own one of these beautiful, eclectic, funky beauties, though.  First of all they are quite pricey, I think it was over $300!  Second of all, they are no longer available.  So, I have to make a trip to Goodwill and see what treasures I can find and try to make my own candlesticks that are similar.  Watch for a future blog posting to see what I come up with!  In the meantime, here’s a picture of my inspiration.  Oh, and if you notice in the picture, there are these round fluted thingies throughout the candlestick.  Anyone have any ideas what I could use in place of those?  All suggestions are appreciated and if I use your idea, I’ll send you a little gift.  Have a great week, y’all!


An Altered Rosary Necklace

Keeping with the subject of altered, or recycled art, I thought I would share the necklace I made last night. I have a friend, Joyce, who sends me great bits and pieces from old rosaries. (In a future blog, I want to tell you all about Joyce). So anyway, last night I was feeling a bit creative and I started rummaging through the little bits and pieces. I had an idea and found an old piece of chain and added some of the little rosary pieces to it. Then I sat and stared at it for a time and decided to add a couple of chandelier crystals. I think they added a little sparkle! And a little sparkle is a good thing, right? So here’s a picture of the finished necklace. At least I think it’s finished! Who knows, I might have to add something else!

Altered Necklace1

Altered Bottle Redux

About 5 years ago, I created this altered bottle from of all things, an empty hot sauce bottle!  In an attempt to give it a “vintage” feel, I used Modge Podge to cover it in tea-stained cheesecloth, mica flakes, and pieces of vintage paper.  On the bottom of the bottle, I covered it with copper tape and soldered it.  I then soldered the top of the bottle and added vintage rhinestones and little dots of solder.  Then I scattered a few  more vintage rhinestones all over the bottle and finished it with a little brass crown on the front.  So for 5 years this bottle has been sitting on a shelf because it just didn’t look “finished” to me.  From time to time I would look at it and I would think, “That bottle needs something!”  Finally a couple of days ago I realized what might complete it.  So I took a beautiful chandelier crystal and held it on top of the bottle and admired it.  I decided that the crystal would be the finishing touch this bottle needed.  Here are some pictures of the bottle before the crystal, showing the front, the back, and a closeup of the soldered top:




So, I wasn’t sure how to add the crystal to the top and my husband recommended an epoxy he uses in his projects.  So I tried it.  It  is a really strong epoxy that sets quickly and is totally cured with a strong bond in 24 hours.  Anyway, here’s the new version of the bottle with its new topper.  I think it did the trick.  What do you think?


First Blog

Hi; I’m Debora and  this is my first blog post.  I’m wondering where to begin.  I’m a self-taught artist for the most part.  I’ve taken a few classes here and there, but I would rather experiment and play.  I learn better that way!   My hope with this blog  is that I can document my creations from both of my etsy shops, Art By Debora & Digital Inspirations.   My Art By Debora shop is geared toward altered bottles, altered rosaries, and soldered charms.  My Digital Inspirations shop has digital art to use in your altered art creations and scrapbooking.  I want to be able to showcase my listings, explain how to use them, show examples, etc.   Since I am new at this, I’m going to end this post right now and start back with a new post tomorrow.  I have a project I plan to show you then.  I hope you’ll come by and see what I’m doing!