Altered Bottle Redux

About 5 years ago, I created this altered bottle from of all things, an empty hot sauce bottle!  In an attempt to give it a “vintage” feel, I used Modge Podge to cover it in tea-stained cheesecloth, mica flakes, and pieces of vintage paper.  On the bottom of the bottle, I covered it with copper tape and soldered it.  I then soldered the top of the bottle and added vintage rhinestones and little dots of solder.  Then I scattered a few  more vintage rhinestones all over the bottle and finished it with a little brass crown on the front.  So for 5 years this bottle has been sitting on a shelf because it just didn’t look “finished” to me.  From time to time I would look at it and I would think, “That bottle needs something!”  Finally a couple of days ago I realized what might complete it.  So I took a beautiful chandelier crystal and held it on top of the bottle and admired it.  I decided that the crystal would be the finishing touch this bottle needed.  Here are some pictures of the bottle before the crystal, showing the front, the back, and a closeup of the soldered top:




So, I wasn’t sure how to add the crystal to the top and my husband recommended an epoxy he uses in his projects.  So I tried it.  It  is a really strong epoxy that sets quickly and is totally cured with a strong bond in 24 hours.  Anyway, here’s the new version of the bottle with its new topper.  I think it did the trick.  What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Altered Bottle Redux

  1. Certainly gives it a certain “je ne sais quoi” look to it! What happens next? Is it for sale, are you going to keep it? Will you give it away to a family member?

    Thanks for responding to my invitation to visit my blog – wish you luck with this one. I’ve been doing it now for a couple of years (or it will be on Tuesday, anyway!) and reading your post – these are the questions I’d like answers to. Hope it helps!

  2. Blog is so professional as you are! Your art on your Etsy is lovely and I am glad to have many pieces of it. Love the pendants and they are so reasonable. Your additions of the soldered bottles are very interesting.Best to you, Joyce Shillings Antiques in TEXAS!

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