First Blog

Hi; I’m Debora and  this is my first blog post.  I’m wondering where to begin.  I’m a self-taught artist for the most part.  I’ve taken a few classes here and there, but I would rather experiment and play.  I learn better that way!   My hope with this blog  is that I can document my creations from both of my etsy shops, Art By Debora & Digital Inspirations.   My Art By Debora shop is geared toward altered bottles, altered rosaries, and soldered charms.  My Digital Inspirations shop has digital art to use in your altered art creations and scrapbooking.  I want to be able to showcase my listings, explain how to use them, show examples, etc.   Since I am new at this, I’m going to end this post right now and start back with a new post tomorrow.  I have a project I plan to show you then.  I hope you’ll come by and see what I’m doing!

7 thoughts on “First Blog

  1. Awesome, good luck. I am also a self taught artist, interested in altered art and hope to have my Etsy shop up by the end of March. I started blogging “just because”….but my blog has evolved into a place where I write about all my crafting/DIY experiments (most the time). Cant read to read more of your blog.

    Welcome to WordPress 🙂

  2. Debora, this is wonderful~ I think I started a blog three years ago and never posted 🙂 Love your works my fellow artist and friend. About the bottle: That crystal was EXACTLY the royal finish it needed. Good Eye!!!! You inspire me to try altering a bottle. Since I figured out the “flux” thing I think I will give it a go! If you would not mind, I would love to use a crystal topper…..I would of course give you credit….. I don’t want to copy you but you are brilliant. Can’t wait to hear and see more of what your creative genius self posts. I’ll be following. xoxoxo Fairydustedmermaids Dana

    • Thank you for stopping by, Dana. I can’t take credit for putting the crystal on top of the bottle though; I’ve seen it done a lot. I can’t wait to see what you do because I know it will be gorgeous!

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